Expedition to Barrier Peak is my favorite module ever. Of course, we were all obsessed with reading it and looking at the pictures so all of the surprises were spoiled the second it came out, but still. I'd love to run a modern rules version of it with people who aren't familiar with it. » 9/25/14 5:08pm 9/25/14 5:08pm

In 1989? Everyone. That's pretty much exactly what we thought cars would be like in the far flung future of 2014. In fact, we'd have been pretty surprised that it used gas at all. We'd have wondered where it came from, since it was supposed to have run out by now. » 9/25/14 7:45pm 9/25/14 7:45pm

This is actually a great example of the strengths and weakness of different fencing styles. The Scottish broadsword, which is a fencing sword, just a manly one, was slow and heavy but capable of powerful strikes, while the smallsword is fast and light and capable of deadly thrusts, but not too much on a slash. Roy… » 9/16/14 4:40pm 9/16/14 4:40pm

Huh...I at first thought this was silly, but the first West Coast Avengers members were Iron Man, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, and Tigra. Replace Mockingbird with Black Widow, Iron Man with War Machine, and Wonder Man with Vision, none of which are great leaps, and this actually sounds possible. » 8/28/14 10:37pm 8/28/14 10:37pm